Thursday, July 28, 2011

A co-traveler

I offer it as I see you
For you to hold yet again
You pause and hold it loose
Still pondering
On walking besides or passing by

Don’t be so thoughtful
No need to be scared
You did no wrong
And you would not now

We walk the same lane
Where I once had a freewheel journey
Nurturing the wonders by my side
For I believed you could see the path ahead
And I still not find no reason
Why it shouldn't have been that way

No matter how far we traveled alone
This seems familiar again
With the same old me and I think it is you
No matter we took separate routes

Never imagined life would take
this road unseen
Yet glad that our paths crossed
For a few miles though may be

As said earlier
And I say that again
It had always been a dream
I kept on dreaming
But things did not so remain

Shaken up and awakened
I explore the real world
Trust me though not sooner
Everything seemed fairer 

A dreamer I would remain
I lend my hand yet again
Not to be lost in time or kind
But to hold yours and walk with you
Till you
Your destination find...