Sunday, August 21, 2011


Not meeting 
Each other's expectations
Is what it has been
And we drift apart yet again

You dint understand then
I still don't even now
We might not feel the same for the other
Is infact well known

Neither should be sorry or sad
We crossed each other
And that's enough a reason
For us to be glad

The In-side

We've seen the sky
When it's calm and bright
People so connect
And everything looks beautiful

Not every cloud is crystal clear
The sky isn't monotonous
There are ones that are dark
Known to roar everywhere

Not all is as it seems
If its thunder and lightning
That we associate them with
Aren’t those the ones that bring in rain?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Being stupid

A simple greeting would make such difference
Never so consciously thought
An initiative from you to say a 'hello'
Is all I really want

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bheed ka hissa...

bola tha sahi tumne
hum bhi hain bheed ka hissa
kuch hain humare jaise
kuch humse bhi umda

dhoonda na tumko unmein
to na ye galatfehmi rakhna
bheed me to ho tum bhi
bas in nazron ki khata thi
jo tumko alag samjha

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A co-traveler

I offer it as I see you
For you to hold yet again
You pause and hold it loose
Still pondering
On walking besides or passing by

Don’t be so thoughtful
No need to be scared
You did no wrong
And you would not now

We walk the same lane
Where I once had a freewheel journey
Nurturing the wonders by my side
For I believed you could see the path ahead
And I still not find no reason
Why it shouldn't have been that way

No matter how far we traveled alone
This seems familiar again
With the same old me and I think it is you
No matter we took separate routes

Never imagined life would take
this road unseen
Yet glad that our paths crossed
For a few miles though may be

As said earlier
And I say that again
It had always been a dream
I kept on dreaming
But things did not so remain

Shaken up and awakened
I explore the real world
Trust me though not sooner
Everything seemed fairer 

A dreamer I would remain
I lend my hand yet again
Not to be lost in time or kind
But to hold yours and walk with you
Till you
Your destination find...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Act I : Scene 1

I can be considered as one of those ancient creatures who wrote diaries just before this very post! Apologies for writing only when I so overflow and swirl in the hurricane of emotions, a week of restlessness and sleep deprivation serves enough a cause for this one. For me it’s always been, "when words don't sound sane they should probably be jotted down."
Being a single girl in late 20's is something still not welcomed and easily acceptable. I don't know about you, but I am a sucker for marriages of convenience stories. Don't get me wrong, though tried hard but I still can't imagine getting married for any reason other than deep and abiding love.
The last sane pressure on my mind tells me it was a year after my 5 year long graduation that these matrimonial sites started getting paid for an additional member. And as the best items in the sale get picked first, there I landed with ample of proposals and requests for conversations and meetings. Not that I was exceptionally beautiful and qualified, but simply because the smarter and luckier ones escape this stage just as you skip an ad on the video you actually wished to see.
And so it was, meeting prospective partners over the weekends. What did not change over the year were the lady and the venue-Barista! It wasn't tough to sense the puzzled and questioning expression with which the waiter served me each time. If only he knew that the feeling was mutual!
Have to pause on writing further for an early morning class tomorrow. Am sure I'll pick up once I am a regular one…Be there!