Monday, May 7, 2012

The magical laughter

Thoughts regarding every sphere of my life that I could possibly think of wandered my mind. After a hectic day, strolling in the garden, I tried recollecting all that I had planned and some of the lots that had actually happened. I killed some more time finding out the odds between what man thinks and what actually happens.

Starting with career moving on to personal relations, my mind went through the earlier achievements and reconfirmed the future aspirations. All this was making me uncomfortable and inspite of the realisation, I forced myself into thinking harder. At times, one tortures oneself in a hope that once the aim is set, it would be easier chasing it. Engrossed in thoughts, I dint realize when it turned dark. Struggling with alter egos, it was getting difficult deciding whom to favor.

By now, philosophy was all around and I could relate with all the uncertainties of life. Looking for happiness, I tried turning each stone of various spheres of life. Was I missing something? I, certainly, am not doing something the way it ought to be done. Should I give more importance to my professional life or was it something on the personal front that was missing? All of a sudden, life seemed so complicated! Is being happy not what the ultimate aim is, why was it being so difficult to attain?

A burst of laughter in between the heavy thoughts brought me mentally to where I physically was. Out of curiosity, I peeped from the gap between the bars of the huge gate. A labor with tools tied at the front of his cycle was laughing with his wife who sat behind holding an aluminum lunch box. They too were probably done for the day.

All of a sudden I had all the answers.