Sunday, July 15, 2012

Such is Life!

55 Fiction

Deadlines, presentations and a new sluggish office boy! She cribbed and yelled, he was on his toes unsuccessfully hiding nervousness. “Madam, coffee?” he thought she might feel better. She burst out loud, “Why don’t you lift up your legs and walk?” He nodded and walked away smiling.
She turned back to find him limp.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Garden of life: the fate of a rose

The flowers blossom in the garden, unaware of what future holds. Some are     picked, commercialized and delivered as desired.

   Fulfilling human wishes to their best…

The moment of happiness is not forever and so is their life. The fate of the dried flowers is never known. They might be thrown away heartlessly somewhere or…

  may be preserved to be cherished forever!

Unconvinced and unsure of what the future holds...
In that garden far away my story unfolds...

I grow, I blossom until I am made a souvenir...
In their hands I dwell and in their smiles sincere.

I ain’t no eternal, I wither, vanish and descend...
Some hurl me out in filth to die, others preserve me without end!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

The magical laughter

Thoughts regarding every sphere of my life that I could possibly think of wandered my mind. After a hectic day, strolling in the garden, I tried recollecting all that I had planned and some of the lots that had actually happened. I killed some more time finding out the odds between what man thinks and what actually happens.

Starting with career moving on to personal relations, my mind went through the earlier achievements and reconfirmed the future aspirations. All this was making me uncomfortable and inspite of the realisation, I forced myself into thinking harder. At times, one tortures oneself in a hope that once the aim is set, it would be easier chasing it. Engrossed in thoughts, I dint realize when it turned dark. Struggling with alter egos, it was getting difficult deciding whom to favor.

By now, philosophy was all around and I could relate with all the uncertainties of life. Looking for happiness, I tried turning each stone of various spheres of life. Was I missing something? I, certainly, am not doing something the way it ought to be done. Should I give more importance to my professional life or was it something on the personal front that was missing? All of a sudden, life seemed so complicated! Is being happy not what the ultimate aim is, why was it being so difficult to attain?

A burst of laughter in between the heavy thoughts brought me mentally to where I physically was. Out of curiosity, I peeped from the gap between the bars of the huge gate. A labor with tools tied at the front of his cycle was laughing with his wife who sat behind holding an aluminum lunch box. They too were probably done for the day.

All of a sudden I had all the answers.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


“If you think it is good for you, go ahead. Your words and promises would not hurt me if I knew you were happier. Association of six months should not come in the way of a lifelong decision, I don’t want you to regret this later.” Beauty was firm and meant every single word she said.

She could never be with a man who had doubts that he could have someone better. “If you think it was for money, I have enough of my own-thank you. I don’t care for the car either, in case you’ve forgotten you didn’t have one when we were introduced. Not your looks, if you so think, because that’s not something that would last forever besides I am no less. I don’t mind the social dogmas and the different background we hail from either.” Beauty had said to the Blithe on a previous occasion during the winter the previous year.

A few months later on a relaxed Saturday afternoon Blithe was back again, he asked how it was going with the lawyer…'it wasn’t going to go anywhere I suppose as it hasn’t been since last September! Though he would drop in every few weeks to check in if I changed my mind, a good man indeed but something went missing'. There have been many a men besides the lawyer that Beauty had turned down starting at the early age of nineteen.

“haha..little you and your big attitude!” remarked the Blithe…and beauty couldn’t stop smiling…those were the moments she cherished the most…he genuinely made her break through her serious avatar and laugh forgetting the whole world around, smile…smile even when he was long gone.

“I know you like mature kinds” he would say. “Do I really?” she would reconsider what she had once said. “Someone whose life is more sorted out.” Beauty would stare at the blank wall, “Hmm”.

She would have liked to say “someone I connect with like I do with you, someone I could open my heart to, shout when I am stressed, frown and smile at the same time at his silliest jokes.”

“Someone I would wait eagerly to talk to, who could connect with me emotionally and someone I could keep talking to till I fall asleep. Someone who would like to know each and every detail of my day, and someone I would talk to every few hours because I missed him. Someone whose day would be complete only after he talked to me and whose snore would make me fall even deeper for him.” She would have said.

“Someone I could connect spiritually too, when our souls would be lost in this big world searching for something unknown and I would stand at the end to encourage you, tell you that I believe in you.” She would have said.

“All of this and much more is why I feel so deeply for you. Though it has never been or perhaps would never be any formal bonding but I am connected to you at so many levels. We have maintained silence for undecided periods, have tried looking for someone special overlooking each other’s existence but no one has ever been or would ever be such natural a companion as we have been. It seems as our souls have been interwoven and are in a divine rhythm which gets sharper and higher…and it would take quite some time to come back and sync with the others that are played by notes and sung by a rehearsed choir.” She would have said.

It was late evening by this time and the Blithe had to go out with his friends; she kept all that to herself waiting for some more appropriate time. She looked at the sky drawing the curtains aside as she said “have a good time, bye” and smiled all by herself. He made her feel so good! “I’ll catch you once I am back, stay up” he said being happy and satisfied.

         …the Blithe never got to know why he was so special to her…